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Faculty Guide: Video Resources

The guide provides links to resources that contain videos for faculty to use in their courses.

What is a Permanent Link?

Video Resources

This guide will give you some resources that can be used for instruction or more information for students.

The box below contains two different tabs: Video Resources in Gateway Databases and Open Access Video Resources

Choosing Credible Video Sources

When searching for educational video sources here are some criteria for verifying the credibility of the source:

  • Check the "About" section of the source.  Does it give specific information about the creator and/or the publishing organization?
    • If adequate information is not available, you may need to so some extra searching to find out who is creating this content, to determine if there is an inherent bias, or if the creators credentials are lacking.
  • Has this source been cited by other credible sources?
  • Generally all resources within Gateway databases are credible, but some questions may still need to be asked about bias, opinions expressed, or other irrelevant content

To ensure you are using media in compliance with Copyright Law. Please review this KCTCS guide on Copyright and Fair Use.

Gateway Databases

Small Business Reference Center

Link to Small Business Reference Center

Choose Small Business Reference Center from the list of databases

You will see at the top of the screen in the blue bar a link for "Business Videos/Images"


Videos from the Associated Press

Within most EBSCOhost databases, videos from the Associated Press are included in your search results.

When you click on the link that says "View All Results" you will be taken to a new screen where you can further limit your search by when the content was published or sort by most recent or oldest content. There is also a search bar at the top that will allow you to use other keywords to search only videos.



Click on the link for ProQuest Databases here.

You will see at the top of the search bar an option to search for videos and audio.


Gale Power Search

Open up the Gale Databases link and select "Search All Databases"

Conduct your search in the Gale Power Search Box

The search results will be listed by type at the top of the results. Choose the link for Videos.

Internet Archive: Moving Image Archive: Archived videos with many different topics to chose from. Free to use without permission.

Khan Academy: Mainly science and math videos. Free but must create an account to access.

ScienceCinema: U.S. Department of Energy multi-media videos highlighting scientific research.

TED Talks: Short, engaging lectures on many topics. TED Talks are available under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-Non Derivative license. Usage policy here.

YouTube: to find videos with creative commons license, conduct your search, then click the “Filters” drop-down menu and select “Creative Commons”.