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Information Literacy Introductory Course

Welcome! Please complete all of the steps in this guide. Make sure you take the assessment at the end.

Library Introduction Guide

Start Here!

To ensure that you are familiar with Gateway Library Resources, please complete the following tasks.  Make sure to bookmark any sites you think will be useful for your studies! 

A note on using this guide: For accessibility purposes, the links in the guide open in the same window.  If you would like to open them in a new window, first right click on the link, then choose "Open in a new window".

Please note that you will need to login with your Gateway email and password to access the databases!

  1. Click on this link to the Gateway Library Home Page- While you are there, click on the A-Z databases tile and then click on a link to one of the databases. 
    1. Make sure that the link opens for you. 
    2. You may be asked to sign-in with your Gateway credentials. 
  2. Return to the Gateway Library's home page, find the Gateway Contact Us Link and click on it.
  3. Once on the Contact page, read through a few FAQs. 
    1. Note that you can send an email or a chat (when available) to ask a library related question on this page.
  4. Return to the Gateway Library Page
  5. Find the tile for the Specific Subject Guides and click on it
  6. Once on the Gateway Library Guides page
    1. Scroll down to the Subject “Tutorials” and click on the link. 
    2. Then click on the link for “Library Tutorials”. 
    3. Click on Research Tutorials.  Watch the videos on:
      1. Popular vs. Scholarly resources
      2. Database Searching 
      3. Zap Plagiarism
  7. Citing your work and giving credit for other's ideas is very important.
    1. Follow this link for further review of plagiarism
  8. Finally, watch this short video about scholarly conversations  
  9. NOTE: Be sure to check-out the "Additional Resources" section of this guide for link to citation style manuals, writing guides, other Gateway services, and more!

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