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HMS 103: Journal Article Analysis & Critique

Introduces philosophies, theories for intervention, and the problem-solving process.

Searching in the Databases

Finding a Professional(Scholarly) Journal Article

A scholarly, or professional journal, article is written for other experts in the field. Specific vocabulary is used in these articles that is understandable to the other professionals, but might not be readily understandable to the general public. These articles serve many different functions. Your assignment is focusing on finding an article that explains a research study that professionals have conducted and are communicating the methods, results etc. to other peers in their field. The articles you are looking for will list a method in which the study was conducted, along with data collected from the study, as well as results and conclusions made from the study. Charts and graphs will usually accompany this type of article.

Here is an example:

There are recommended databases listed below that are relevant to finding a professional psychology research journal article. Sometimes it helps to add "research" or "study" along with your topic keywords in the search box in order to narrow down the results to a research article.

In order to share the article with your instructor, you can copy and paste the permalink in an email. Or if it is a PDF file, you can download it and send it as an attachment.