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ENG 102: Persuasive/Argumentative Essay

Database Basics

Image on a young man of color in a yellow shirt above the label All Library Databases A to ZThe library has subscriptions with several database companies that offer access to about 20k periodicals and 250k eBooks, plus videos, music, and other resources.  Each company has resources for many different fields of study, so if your instructor hasn't specified a database or provider, explore several of them to find the one that best matches your search style and your information requirements.

We also subscribe to a digital reference database, Credo Reference, that hosts more than 250 encyclopedias and handbooks with over 3 million entries ranging from general information to highly specialized subject areas. This is a fantastic place to collect background information at the beginning of your project!

You may have heard of Ebsco, Gale, or ProQuest; these are the companies that curate the databases to which we subscribe.  Each vendor has its own user interface; understanding how to use this interface is one of the keys to effectively locating resources and we'll deal with each one individually. 

From the All Databases A-Z page, you can find and search an individual database or use an aggregated search interface, which searches all of that vendor's databases. The aggregated searches are Academic Search Complete (Ebsco) and Academic OneFile (Gale/Cengage); they are at the top of the alphabetical list and are also featured in 'Popular Databases' in the right sidebar.


Credo Reference - the general reference database

Debatable Topics Databases

Pro/Con Headlines

Pro/Con Headlines provide nonpartisan background information on news happening in the world today.



Provides the pros and cons of controversial issues shaping our society. Entries are supported with background information that delves into the issue, with pro and con arguments, verified facts and additional reading.  Also at:


Academic Search Complete - the aggregated Ebsco collection

Academic OneFile - the aggregated Gale (Cengage) collection