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HMS 104: Group Plan Proposal

Covers group techniques in clinical or agency settings based on various theoretical models with emphasis on the leadership role, phases of group development, and interaction within the group.

Group Plan Proposal Guidelines

Create your own sample plan for the Beginning Session of a Group for GPP

  • Make sure to add a timeline for each part of the group (i.e. 3-5 minutes)
  • Type of group (add any therapeutic forces, curative factors of group dynamics that must be taken into consideration)
  • Engaging opening activity
  • Introduction of members
  • Establishing group rules/expectations
  • Leader’s role in the group
  • Wrapping up first session (i.e. housekeeping, info for next week’s group, asking for member’s questions)


For your GPP group, identify the following:

Pre-group- Though you shared this two weeks ago with the Therapeutic Forces/Group Dynamics P&P, solidify these planning details:

  • How many members in the group (could be a range, such as 10-15 members)
  • Gender of members (may not be relevant to your group)
  • Diagnosis (may not be relevant to your group)
  • Meeting information-virtual or in person? If in person, where will the group meet and how will you monitor if the setting is adequate? Frequency? How many sessions?

Screening Method: personal interview, written screening, screening by referral source, leader decides based on various characteristics and dynamics, and/or screening after group has begun.

  • Why are you choosing this screening method?

Big Picture

  • Identify at least 3 topics you will discuss with the group.


Directions: Think about the group you want to plan for the GPP.

  • What are limitations and/or ethical issues you must plan for?
  • What professional organization(s)’ Code of Ethics (such as ACA, NASW, APA) will support your ethical considerations? It is important to know the purpose of your group, but also what your group is NOT for (limitations).
  • Leadership strategies (ex: clarifying, questioning, summarizing, linking, active listening, maintaining and/or deepening the focus, drawing out, or cutting off) would be appropriate if one of these issues came up?