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PSY 110: Article Summary Paper

Gateway Databases


Click here for a video tutorial.

  • Click on the EBSCOhost database link
  • Choose which databases you would like to search-Academic Search Complete is recommended for popular magazines
  • In the blue bar at the top, you will see a link for "Publications". Click on that link


  • You will see a screen that has a separate search box to search only publication titles.


  • Type in the publication title you wish to find and click "Browse"
  • Click on the link for the publication, you will come to this screen that will give you the ability to browse by issue if you know where the article you want is located, or just to browse by a particular issue.


  • You can also search within the publication with this link:undefined
  • You can enter search terms after the magazine title in the search bar like this:


Click the search button and you will get search results within the publication and your search terms.