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Writing Resources

Gateway Writing Tutors

How is Gateway Tutoring Delivered?

Tutoring is available to students by individual appointment as well as group/walk-in sessions. Please refer to the 

Tutoring Schedule for available sessions. Online scheduling is available 24/7!

How Do I Access Gateway Tutoring?

Making an appointment is easy.

  1. Login to MyPath
  2. Click on "Starfish" as one of the icon buttons.
  3. Click on “My Success Network."
  4. Click on "Tutoring – Center for Academic Success."
  5. Click on “Schedule appointment” for a list of all available tutors’ office hours. If you know which tutor you need (List below), click on their profile for their open office hours. Click "Schedule Appointment."
  6. Find an available time and click "Sign Up."
  7. Choose your appointment type (Tutoring) and add a few details for your tutor (we suggest your student ID number, phone number, and goal for meeting), then click “Submit”
  8. Find your upcoming appointments on the Starfish “Home” screen.

Contact for any questions or troubleshooting.


Success Coaching

What is Gateway's Success Coaching Program?

Gateway's Success Coaching Program was designed to help you be successful in college by providing individual support and helping you find and use resources you may need to reach your goals. Our Success Coaches are here to help you be successful beyond your academic needs. Our coaching team is made up of peer and professional coaches. We provide individualized support through meeting several times throughout the semester, keeping you accountable to your goals, and connecting you with campus resources that may help. We have a variety of resources around and work with students on:

  • Time Management
  • Study Skills
  • Personal Wellness
  • Test Taking Strategies
  • Organization
  • Student Resources
  • Technology Support and troubleshooting
  • Anything else that helps you be successful at Gateway!

How do I Access Gateway's Success Coaching Program?

Use the same process shown above to access tutoring; instead of clicking on "Tutoring - Center for Academic Success", select "Gateway Success Coaching"

Contact for any questions or troubleshooting.