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Info Commons/Embedded Librarian

Contact Information
  • Email:
  • Phone: ‚Äč     859-442-1122

Hello. My name is Adam Thuman. I work as a leader at the Gateway Information Commons - usually at the Covington TIE campus - and also work broadly with the library to provide information literacy, outreach, and reference services to the classes I am embedded with.

I have worked at Gateway since 2015, receiving my MLIS from Wayne State University in Michigan, after leaving an internship at Xavier University's library. My primary areas of interest were and are how to best catalog, curate, and organize information to make it easy to learn from and use.

As you might expect, I enjoy reading and researching history for fun.

Please note that the best way to contact me is by email. If you need to meet in person, I will schedule an appointment by email. I try to reply to all emails made during the work week within 24 hours.

Given my role extends beyond traditional library services, I would encourage those who are embedded in my classes to contact me for more general questions, as well as research related ones: If I cannot find an answer for you, I can find someone who can.