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Human Services

Contains databases, journals, and websites related to the study of human services.

Navigating Library Resources

Magazine Titles in Gateway Databases

Finding Citations in Databases

Databases create citations for you!  Follow these instructions to find citations on sources, but be sure to check them for accuracy! Other databases generally place citations in the same places as these two.


Click on the title of any resource, then click on the yellow paper "cite" icon 

Scroll down until you find MLA style. Copy and paste citation to your Works Cited page.‚Äč


Click on the title of the resource. In the upper right corner, find the "Tools" menu and click  

Change the option to MLA and copy and paste the citation to your Works Cited page.  Note: Do not copy the URL.

Boolean Logic

Boolean Logic is a term for the language used to tell databases how to do specific things. The table below outlines the three terms most databases use. Make sure they are typed in all caps when used, otherwise the database will treat them as a normal word.