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HIS 101: World Civilization through 1600

Research Resources

The best place to start when searching for research resources is right here, at your

Gateway Library!

Databases from Our Collection

Our databases contain about 10 thousand scholarly journals, most of which are also peer-reviewed.  Here is an annotated list of several of the databases that you might find useful!


Primary Sources

Primary Sources can be found in some of the library databases listed above.

However, many can be found across the internet for free. Below are some links to suggested sites to get you started.

Also try your topic keywords with the term "primary sources" as an internet search and see what you can find from archives and museums from around the world. 

Depending on your topic, you may also find success in contacting a local public or historical library in the area of your topic for assistance wth their archived materials or access what has been digitized.


Websites for getting started with primary sources research

eBooks from Our Collection


Relevant Websites