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HIS 108: History of the U.S. through 1865

This guide will serve as a one-stop-shop for all of your history research needs including: explanation on topic development, database use, and other services provided by the Gateway library.

Best of History Websites : American History

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Evaluate Websites




Evaluating Websites

Not all information is created equal!

Before using a website for information to include in a paper or presentaiton ask yourself the following questions...

Who wrote the page? (Authority)

Is there an author (can be a person or an organization)?  What are the author's credentials?  Where does he or she work?  What is their educational background?  Are they experts on the topic?

Anyone can publish information on the web!!!

What is the site about? (Coverage)

Does the site cover all aspects of the issue, and how in depth is the coverage?  The more aspects of a topic that a website covers, the more likely it is that the information is something you can trust.

Where did the author find the information? (Accuracy)

Does the site include documentation?  Is the site well written--proper grammar, spelling etc..?

When was the site last updated? (Currency)

When was the information published?  Certain topics need very current sources.  Like health and technology topics.

Why does the website exist? (Objectivity)

Does the website's author or organization have an agenda?  Is it possible the website is only presenting one side of an issue/topic?